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Footgolf as a sport is still a baby, and babies are constantly learning from other people – this is how we grow. There are no shortage of opinions on the sport and the vast majority are good, well intentioned opinions designed to educate, inform and nourish. This is the place to get those opinions out to the world.

Below you will find blogs and opinion pieces from the whole footgolf spectrum, from casual players, to elite players, from course owners to national association chiefs.

Read, form an opinion, and tell us what you think!

Paul Killick

Commonly referred to as ‘The Godfather of FootGolf’, Paul Killick has seen and done it all within the sport’s short lifetime, in his home country of the UK, his adopted home of France, and practically every other footgolf playing nation on earth. Here, Paul tells us about how he became involved with the sport, and his opinions on it now.

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Ronnie Hansen

Did you know there was a different game called Footballgolf? Well there is, and who better to explain the differences between the two sports than a regular footgolfer who also just happens to be the double world champion at footballgolf.

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Herman Van Eekeres

Herman is one of the most popular players on the tour, excelling at both the main events and the seniors as well. Not only is he an excellent FootGolfer and a role model to others on the course, but how many other people would adopt a stray dog found during a tournament in Morocco, and take him home to live with him and his family in the Netherlands!

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Get Involved

Fancy yourself a bit of an Ernest Hemingway on the quiet? Been involved in something on the footgolf course that you think warrants a discussion or to be highlighted? Then join our existing panel of bloggers and let us know about it. We’re eager to hear from players or course owners from all over the world, be it about a course you think is particularly stunning or particularly lousy, rule change or lack of rule knowledge issues, new initiatives both good and bad, the list is endless. If you have any questions about what to put in the blog beforehand, feel free to get in touch on the contact us page, otherwise just send them in to


See below for past blogs all about this wonderful sport of ours!

January 2018

One big family

By | January 11th, 2018|Categories: The Bjorn Bulk column|

I won the Capital Cup, the EFGF tour and Dutch Championship, but what is worth the most is the people I meet and the experiences that I experience!

Joeri Jolling

By | January 9th, 2018|Categories: Player of the Month|

As part of the ever popular Belgian Team, Joeri Jolling is a constant, smiling presence on the tour. We spoke to him about how he started playing FootGolf, his proudest achievements, and what his advice was for new players....

First WAFGA success story!

By | January 5th, 2018|Categories: The Beth Willshaw Column|

Our very first event was at FootGolf On The Exe, in beautiful Devon, England. Paul Collinson organised the event and provided two rounds of FootGolf and food for just £15. One of the new players that attended was a young lady called Beth Willshaw

October 2017

Martina Quintarelli

By | October 31st, 2017|Categories: Player of the Month|

The best male player in the world is still a matter of debate - what isn't up for debate however, is who is currently the greatest female footgolfer - it can only be the Italian phenomenon, Martina Quintarelli!

Inaugural UK tournament

By | October 20th, 2017|Categories: United Kingdom|

Footgolf on the Exe hosted the inaugural World Amateur FootGolf Associations on Sat 7 Oct, The Devon FootGolf Classic. This 36-hole event was provided as a competitive taster tournament for Southwest players looking to play [...]

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