Martina Quintarelli

When did you start playing FootGolf, and what sport did you do before that?

I started to play footgolf 3 years ago, before that I played football since I was 6 years old.

You have won many competitions in Italy and worldwide – which one gave you the most satisfaction?

Wins are always a satisfaction, but the greatest thrill was at the last Capital Cup when on the third day I played in the last group with the strongest men!

Which is your favourite course, in Italy and abroad?

My favourite course is the Riviera golf resort near Rimini. I played in beautiful courses all around Europe, so it is very difficult to choose only one. Maybe the course of the German Open 2016.

Italy seems to have many players for its local and national tournaments – why do you think they get so many more players?

I thing that footgolf is not famous enough yet, so it is very important that many more people try to play.

As you have played a number of international tournaments, what, if anything can the organisers do to improve on what they offer now?

Maybe give more information out before the tournaments begin, and more approved hotels or apartments (with lower prices).

Being the best female FootGolfer in the world, does it annoy you that you don’t get as much coverage as some of the men?

Yes sometimes, but I can’t complain 🙂

Would you hope that female players have a bigger role in next year’s World Cup?

Yes of course, at the last world cup there wasn’t a female category!! And I’d hope that at the next world Cup there will be all the best players (men and women) of the world! 😉

What could the sport do to attract more female players?

It is more difficult for women to begin playing footgolf because maybe they never played football, but I think that there are more and more girls that try this sport in the last period.


What advice do you have for new players starting out?

They have to be patient, to became a strong footgolfer you must first get a lot of putts wrong! 😉

Finally, what would be your dream fourball for a round?

I am happy to play with any of my friends – particularly if they are dissident!!

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