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Welcome To The
World Amateur FootGolf Association

A warm welcome from the World ‘Amateur’ FootGolf Association [WAFGA];

Firstly, to be clear, WAFGA does not wish to be a governing body for the sport at the competitive professional level.

We are committed to being a ‘not for profit’ Association for players, partners and affiliates, our overarching priority is the continued development of the sport with the interests of the players at its center.

We believe entry fees for competitive tournaments have become excessive and very expensive, to accommodate larger prize pots and profits. We believe players, not prizes or profits, should come first at this embryonic stage of the sport.

Whilst we love to see the game evolving and growing, with the professionalism of the sport progressing, we want to ensure the sustainability of the sport through the development of new players for the future.

One of our ultimate aims is to see a proportion of the ‘amateur’ FootGolfers become good enough to progress onto the Professional circuit, by providing a pathway so players can develop and eventually compete for the prize money.

We are committed to working with associations and groups who wish to offer events for the ‘amateur’ player, FootGolfers who play for the love of the game as opposed to the lure of the prize money, and for newcomers to the sport who can play in a friendly relaxed environment whilst finding their way into the sport.

We hope that you will become a part of our journey as we promote ‘amateur’ FootGolf and encourage new players to give the sport a try as we make the ‘amateur’ player, our number one priority.

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